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  • 16 hours ago
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Brian Frances is two faced fines the drivers for talking about NASCAR and then he slammed the state of North Carolina he has never used a public bathroom in his life so he don't know what it's like so he need to keep his mouth shut so we at North Carolina should fine him and after he needs to apologize to the state of North Carolina keep the girls safe Add comment

I love watching NASCAR. I like the commentators, individually. But, put them together, and it's an ego and d!ck measuring show. These guys have to one up each other. Several times during the Sprint Cup - Duck Commander 500 race, one guy would say something, then the next guy would say the same thing, but emphasize a bit of it, to make it sound like they said it first and the other guy is an ***. What REALLY pissed me off the most is when they fight over the mic. Not literally of course. I know they have their own. They really must like hearing... Read more

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We the poor people are left out. We who can not afford cable can no longer be Nascar fans. You show more races on Fox sports one, I feel this is very unfair and are picking on the poor who only have regular T.V. NO LONGER CARE TO WATCH UNLESS EVERYONE CAN WATCH. Maybe someone should sue Nascar . Very pissed off. Use to love watching all the races ,like july 4 race I use to watch as a littlie girl I can not watch as a adult. THANKS FOR TAKING AWAY NASCAR FROM THE POOR! I guess because all the drivers are so rich they only want the rich to... Read more

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From the point toyota threw around all the money when the big 3 were almost bankrupt, was when the loyal fan base started to wane. It's a Japanese owned company I don't care where a percentage of them are bolted together! Dodge would probably still be involved if not for the greed of nascar and toyota buying off teams. Empty stands are the result of backfired greed. For many years growing up I had great memories of attending races at Riverside, Ontario, Phoenix, and later at Fontana with my family, I don't think I've been to a live race in... Read more

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why does nascar announce every year one or three o'clock starting times and never even come close.obama is on time more than these clowns.45 minutes of mindless interviews is a great way to make sure ill never waste my time watching.they are constantly looking to improve tv is a thought.put the race on when you said it would start and leave the junior infomercials for late night tv.and please save the butchering of the national anthem for American idol. Read more

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I hadn't watched a NASCAR race in awhile, but I watched the Fontana race on March 20, 2016. I was sorely disappointed, and quickly remembered why I quit watching NASCAR. What serious sport would penalize the leader just because some other car has a flat tire? NASCAR has the technology to restart exactly where they left off, but they would rather bunch the field up for ratings. So what do we get? Another win for Jimmy Johnson, who should have finished fourth or fifth. Like watching paint dry... Read more

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  • Nascar
  • Mar 20
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Please get Mike Waltrip off the mike he is annoying. He never shuts up,,...... Add comment

How does Kyle Bush out run everyone no matter what race even his teammates I believe there is some cheating going on and how come How comes the experience drivers compete in the rookie class It should be for the rookies only that does not seem fair. IT think there is a snake in the wood pile. And how come they make special changes for him and not others. Nascar is not like it use to be. There is too much favoritism and maybe some pay offs. Read more

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don't watch xfinity anymore cause they allow the sprint cup guys to race in xfinity.i dony have to watch and just hear people complain do something nascar no more sprintcup drivers no more sprint cup drivers no more cheating beating up on these other drivers when are you going to stop this *** bull crazy you allow this. sttttttttoooopppppppppppppppppp thiissssss buullllshhhiiittttt. your losing more viewers for sure ten of my friends are done watching and they even sold there tickets to dover one buddy threw them away I would too Read more

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  • Mar 19
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I'm so sick of seeing kyle busch running in the Xfinity series and beating these young guys not giving them a chance he needs to get the *** out of there it's time for him to grow up Add comment

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