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  • From mobile
  • Aug 20
  • #904403

Nascar sux i been a nascar fan all my life now i cant get it on tv i can get every thing else but not the race race tonight because i dont get nbc 2 or whatever it is thats it not going to wach anymore used to be a southern sport now its nothing look at all the empty seats they wonted all the people up north now u got them nascar forgot where they came from

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This is the third time the Nascar race has been delayed due to the Olympics. We do not care for the Olympics and it is very rude to keep the Olympics on the Channel when the program schedule says racing. Cut these programs off when their time is up please. Today the race in Ohio was programmed to begin at 3:00 pm and the race did not come on until 3:53 pm. And of course after the basketball game was over we had to watch 10 minutes of... Read more

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This is my third year to be a NASCAR fan; well, a Car 78 fan. When you do an interview STOP playing the *** music, I have to mute or change the channel because I can't hear people talk for the music. Also, I do not like team racing. Today, Brad hit Martin and knocked him off the track, guess who flew by Joey, Brad's teammate. Martin might have won the race, he certainly has the talent to have overtaken Danny at the time.They should be penalized... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 07
  • #896342

Nascar is a joke am i the only person who thinks nascar is rigged its like wrestling its already planned who will win nascar look around you are losing your following crowds are down lets go back to real racing

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NASCAR needs to make a lasting plan with fox network cause nbc is a joke never in right spot with cameras . The announcers say the samething over and over especially if you watch practice and race . Yesterday during the restart they are battling for the lead and they stay on the cars in 8 the and 9th for numerous laps . Last week the coverage wasn't even on the winner missed burn out and everything else it was a joke. At least get Mike Joy if... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 01
  • #892599

At the Pennsylvania race if Kyle Busch had been leading, or for that matter any toyota driver. THE RACE WOULD HAVE BE CALLED. Wake up NASCAR, why are there no fans in tje stands. Why do most people turn the race off and never watch the ending. Operating as you currently do things can only go downhill for your organization!

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 25
  • #888224

NASCAR is such a joke now. They keep changing the rules to benefit Toyota. How can 1 car be so strong in every race without cheating. Used to be a NASCAR fan but I'd rather watch golf now days and don't even like golf.

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So NASCAR race fans how do you like the fantastic contract until 2024 for 4.4 billion dollars between NASCAR and NBC? Yeah it sucks and a HUGE failure for fans, fantastic for the two parties mentioned. How many commercials and in race advertising does it take to stop watching? Today was my limit. I'm done. It's only going to get worse so I'll just save myself the aggravation and frustration. Nobody will reply back, NASCAR or NBC, with an... Read more

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Well NASCAR sure has changed but it isnt for the good. Im 55, loved watching racing till Dale passed away and then i just lost interest. Today is the Indy race, i figured i would try to see if i could become intetested again. What a boring race, what the *** happened? Me and my girlfriend shut it off after watching Bush lead the field by 6 seconds all *** day. No rubbing, not much passing, total waste of the afternoon. I noticed the stands were... Read more

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I'm really never watching or goin to another xfinity race if Kyle bush is racing in its bs Read more

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