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Nascar is run bye non racers who are trying to run it like a college sport, more like a high school sport. Nascar will never be watched in this household again and will never attend one eather. We are going back to dirt track racing, where its still fun an family-friendly. So long nascar. You suck! Adkins family Add comment

My wife was traveling from the East Coast back Home to California and during Her travel She came across this Joey Logano, black and Yellow PENNZOIL Jacket. She Purchased it for Our wedding Anniversary, I like the Jacket but it way too Big. I need a Medium and this one is an EX large. The item still have the tags attached with the additional snap buttons included. I contacted the Nascar Customer... Read more

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I haven't talked to one fan that likes this formula. The points leader and the ones that go for it don't Win. one bad race or a failure and they have to win or there totally out. Then you have a toyota car driven by a team member take out the dominate Ford in the field so that they can win the championship. The penalty was NOTHING he didn't race for two races Big Deal. Every other word by your... Read more

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I have been a fan of Nascar Racing for many years and attend 2 races a year but I done Nascar now. The "Chase" has sucked from the start of it. The restrictor plate races are a joke reflecting neither the best or fastest car/driver. The televised race has turned into all commercials and the commentators for the most part are not worth listening to. It appears that a lot of people agree with me.... Read more

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Take the point system of cross country. You have 42 drivers each race first place gets 1 point and 42 place gets 42 points. In the end of the season, the driver with the lowest point total wins. Eliminate this complicated point system you are now using. This gives all drivers a chance to win the championship all the way through the season. You are losing customers because some of our favorites... Read more

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I am a automotive shop owner so I am speaking for many people , we have all stopped watching nascar it is no longer racing it is a soap opera and is a joke to the motor racing world . The rules and management are a joke the chase is a joke . The chase does not reward drivers who have won multiple races , top 5's and so on . NASCAR championship use to be like all other motorsports and the best... Read more

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Am I the only true Nascar fan that heard Joeys spotter screaming in his ear that he's still there, STILL THERE, STILL THERE. I'm pretty sure he was warning Joey that Mat was still on his left side which MATwas and had every right to be. From my view I saw Joey drive down in front of Mat and made contact with Mat. Of course Mat was upset with Joey for the Kansas deal. What I,m not happy with is... Read more

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I like hundreds if not thousands will no longer watch Nascar Racing. The rules SUCK. The bad get away with bumping some one out. Hope Joey and Brad get there butts kicked on and off the track. I'm done with Nascar Bullchit. Chase whats up with those rules. NO CHASE. Let the points build up to the end. The most in season wins. Plain and simple. Who's the rocket scientist that thought that one up.... Read more

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  • Nov 05, 2015
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Nascar officials should be fined and suspended NOT Matt Kenseth!!!! Add comment

I have watched Nascar for a very long time. Everyone knows not to call me on Sundays because I will be watching every lap. I have been to most of the tracks and loved every minute of it. I will no longer watch or spend a penny on tickets for Nascar. It has been ruined by the inconsistent rule changes. There is a minimum speed to stay on the track and knowing that Harvick wasn't going fast... Read more

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