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  • Nascar
  • 20 hours ago
  • #856119

NASCAR must not want Kyle Larson to win another time yellow flies. Strang the a joe Gibbs car would wreck twice. Knowing Danny didn't have enough time to overtake him they hit the wall. Boy the luck of some teams Add comment

Worst Allstar race ever way to ruin a fun race to watch. Read more

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I've been watching NASCAR before Daytona was built and it was for everyone but now you've sucked up to Murdoch and now you suck.. The common people made you and now you dump on us. Well hope you get your head out of your *** before you sit down and break your neck cause now you suck. If your brains were made of cotton you wouldn't have enough to make a kotex for a flea. What a bunch of Richard craniums Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nascar
  • May 15
  • #848257

Stop showing races on FS1. I have missed every race that has been on FS1. Fox isnt ESPN and never will be. Keep who matters happy with your product and thats the fans. Without fans you have nothing. Add comment

  • From mobile
  • Nascar
  • May 10
  • #845272

Why cant the no blocking rule from indie car racing be used for nascar? You wouldn't be holding drivers back and less accidents.... Add comment

well i wish you guys would cut out the blocking on all races you would have a lot of better finishes drivers catching up to the leader let them battle it out instead of blocking&then its fair to the other driver that worked hard coming from the back: now cautions why do you call a caution like yesterday talladega when it was the last lap anyway even if there crashing there was still some track left for the front guys to battle it out,and plenty... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nascar
  • May 01
  • #839594

Way to go nascar how long do we keep putting up with th queen *** danica ....... see doesn't belong in this sport im done with and you seeya. Add comment

  • From mobile
  • Nascar
  • Apr 29
  • #838773

Brian Frances is two faced fines the drivers for talking about NASCAR and then he slammed the state of North Carolina he has never used a public bathroom in his life so he don't know what it's like so he need to keep his mouth shut so we at North Carolina should fine him and after he needs to apologize to the state of North Carolina keep the girls safe Add comment

I love watching NASCAR. I like the commentators, individually. But, put them together, and it's an ego and d!ck measuring show. These guys have to one up each other. Several times during the Sprint Cup - Duck Commander 500 race, one guy would say something, then the next guy would say the same thing, but emphasize a bit of it, to make it sound like they said it first and the other guy is an ***. What REALLY pissed me off the most is when they... Read more

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We the poor people are left out. We who can not afford cable can no longer be Nascar fans. You show more races on Fox sports one, I feel this is very unfair and are picking on the poor who only have regular T.V. NO LONGER CARE TO WATCH UNLESS EVERYONE CAN WATCH. Maybe someone should sue Nascar . Very pissed off. Use to love watching all the races ,like july 4 race I use to watch as a littlie girl I can not watch as a adult. THANKS FOR TAKING... Read more

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