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Hi there Been watching nascar now for a year or 2 now. As British fan love it. Only problem is I'm not a big fan of NBC's coverage. I don't like the position graphics the commentators just aren't as passionate as the fs1 guys. The coverage overall is way way better on fs1. I don't see why you can't have the same crew move as the show moves stations. NBC commentators talk without any passionate or much knowledge and worse they talk all over the... Read more

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Too many commercials and not enough racing. We fans enjoy the PR respective the Racer commentators have during non-racing situations. These are key aspects of the sport that true fans enjoy, let us enjoy the sport. Don't you know we all find something else to do when you flood us with all your commercials. We don't mind a 30 second commercial, but 3 minutes and 15 commercials is useless to US, the dumbasses paying you for commercial time so... Read more

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I've been a nascar fan for 30+ years, and they direction nascar has gone with rules and penalties has made the sport boring and has taken away any credibility nascar had. The laser inspections, dictating what gears, shocks, springs to use in setups and generally trying to make all the cars identical is unbearable. IROC didn't work for a reason and nascar has gone down the same road. Turn back the clock about 20 years rules wise and make it truly... Read more

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I travel a lot and most hotels do not carry fxsp1 or nbcsp so I am no longer a watching fan. When I see another form of racing on NBC while NASCAR is on the second class network then it must no be any good. Hear that sponsors, I am happy to watch NFL or MLB now rather than NASCAR. And I am not watching on line due to *** WIFI at hotels and I am not sitting in my truck to listen to it on Sirius XM (although do enjoy that while driving). Come... Read more

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Unfortunate, that NASCAR allows someone to undermine every aspect of hard work delivering and promoting a sport for all ages to enjoy. The depths of disrespect are to many to list, however to name a few regarding fan base; retention of track patrons, race delays while parenting young children into wee hours of the morning , cheering and supporting underdog drivers for almost the entire race only to see them intentionally wrecked, TV viewing... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 28
  • #908705

Life Lang nascar fan. Unfortunately with the changing of tv channels to ones I do not have I rarely watch races anymore. I did miss it at first but as with anything you get use to it and move on. Sorry nascar. Many fans do not have or will not pay for cable and you are losing many fans.

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 20
  • #904403

Nascar sux i been a nascar fan all my life now i cant get it on tv i can get every thing else but not the race race tonight because i dont get nbc 2 or whatever it is thats it not going to wach anymore used to be a southern sport now its nothing look at all the empty seats they wonted all the people up north now u got them nascar forgot where they came from

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This is the third time the Nascar race has been delayed due to the Olympics. We do not care for the Olympics and it is very rude to keep the Olympics on the Channel when the program schedule says racing. Cut these programs off when their time is up please. Today the race in Ohio was programmed to begin at 3:00 pm and the race did not come on until 3:53 pm. And of course after the basketball game was over we had to watch 10 minutes of... Read more

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This is my third year to be a NASCAR fan; well, a Car 78 fan. When you do an interview STOP playing the *** music, I have to mute or change the channel because I can't hear people talk for the music. Also, I do not like team racing. Today, Brad hit Martin and knocked him off the track, guess who flew by Joey, Brad's teammate. Martin might have won the race, he certainly has the talent to have overtaken Danny at the time.They should be penalized... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 07
  • #896342

Nascar is a joke am i the only person who thinks nascar is rigged its like wrestling its already planned who will win nascar look around you are losing your following crowds are down lets go back to real racing

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