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1 comment

So a rain delay. We fans have sat thru them before.

Instead of showing last year's xfinity firecracker 250, you air minor league UFC. if i wanted to, or wanted my family to, watch drugged up behemoths manhandle each other, we would watch the real thing, payperview or otherwise. This sport is disgusting and i can see it is a gimmick to create money somehow. Capitalism, free market, ok, whatever.

I would rather listen to kyle petty and jeff burton grapple with the english language. PFL? How did this PFL even get fighters willing to do a gimmick inaugural card when these fighters' main goal should be UFC or bust? Is there a championship bout tonight?

What exactly is this if there is no championship to be won? And if there is, is it really even worth it to the fighters involved? To be 3rd rate champion of the world of fighting that will not be considered top contender to the real champs in UFC? Maybe NASCAR and NBCSN need to go back to the drawing board.

They even said it was free to those who bought a ticket to see the race. How is this generating money for you in any way? If UFC has the top 15 fighters in the world in every weight class, who are these fighters? They couldn't make the cut for UFC, and judging from these first 2 fighters, it is easy to see why.

You want to do some half baked UFC, you should let the drivers settle their differences in that decagon, free to the fans that buy RACE tickets, even with the same sponsors. You could even script altercations on track, much like you scripted Dale Jr. winning the pole this weekend. He has driven like a child the last 2 years and his "last" race at Daytona, he finally puts himself in position to win something.

This is pure garbage. Worst Daytona weekend ever.

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Your comment is right on the spot. NASCAR is reaching for a demographic fan base that does not include the fans who have attempted to stick with the.

I'm done! So long NASCAR

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