Madison, New York
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I became a member of NASCAR . (dumb me) and cancelled my acct because it wasn't what I thought it would be.

also the two week trial ended while I was in the hospital, so naturally I could not stop the subscription.

I don't know if they are so hard up for money that they did not want to hear it. and also to find they do not give refunds...apparently it was in the very very tiny print i couldn't see....and my acct is actually active till next year...all cancelling does is stop them from billing you NEXT year....what a rip any ideas?

Monetary Loss: $67.

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send a letter to bill france owner of nascar and ask for his assistance he could very easily resolve this as u said they really cannot afford to be unfair with people right now and i beleive ,at heart wouldnt do it intentionally anyway,prob just have some boneheads employees they dont know about.GO Matt Kenseth 17

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