NASCAR on TNT is horrible!! I can deal with the poor comintating but when more than 20% of my 55" TV is covered by Ad's and the ticker, I'd rather not even watch it. Its cutting off a lot of the action!! On half the camera angles you can see that big banner is blocking two or three other cars. And i don't think they told the camera guy about this awesome decision- because they are following cars all the way to the top but isn't aware that everyone cant see that section of the screen. Who is the super genius that came up woth this one??

"Your Fired"!! C-L-I-C-K

Double dipping cheapskates!!

Having only a small portion of actual racing its making me queazy! Go back to FOX or ESPN.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #677046

TNT has over twice the commercials as FOX. I hate that you get 3-4 minutes of coverage and then right back to a commercial again. I always DVR the races on FOX and watch them later so I can FF through the commercials.

Kennewick, Washington, United States #675726

TNT NASCAR is terrible, what more can I say. It needs a total overhaul from top to bottom.

It *** me off so much I'd rather not watch, and this is Daytona!


Lacey, Washington, United States #667710

3rd... half of the drivers heads are cut off

Los Angeles, California, United States #663065

I'd like to 2nd that complaint. They seriously sold 25% of the screen for advertising.

I thought it was a joke at first like when RickyBobby sold his windshield to Fig Newton in Talladega Nights. It makes it unwatchable. And TNT's commentating is horrible.

TNT, I love NASCAR, don't ruin it... Please.

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