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Cookie cutter cars, drivers, spec racing. Add in a commercial every 30 seconds and every interview, fuel stops and every other opportunity.

Will NEVER attend a race, NEVER watch another BORING race, and will watch the slow death of a once-great sport due to pure commercialism. Fox broadcasts are the last straw, and every chance I get I'll let the advertisers know why I won't buy their products. NASCAR doesn't want racing. It only wants fake drama with identical cars going around in circles as rolling billboards.

Their constant drum beating about their 'past' heroes is nauseating. A *** poor business model.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nascar Nascar Auto Racing.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I used to attend NASCAR tracks & watch it on TV (all three series) on a regular basis. Every since early last year (2017) when I went to the race & they had multiple mini races going with all the "stages" I have not been back.

I am very sad that they ruined a great racing format & will likely not attend another race until they do away with the "stage" racing. Having three 1st place winners in one race is ludicrous and the ridiculously long mandatory pauses have got to go. Cautions are fine but this is not.

It's a RACE people!!!!! It's a shame, I REALLY like NASCAR but will not be back until they change this issue.


I still don't know to tell who wins a race, with stage wins? I read about points awarded in each stage but all that did was add to the confusion! I guess the best thing to do is not watch NASCAR any longer


Well, you could start with the name of the sport. NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB.

Not McDonald's NBA. Not Walmart NFL. Not Coca Cola NHL, or Longhorn Steakhouse MLB. But you do have Monster Energy NASCAR cup series.

It's embarassing. No integrity whatsoever.The constant rule changes are hard to keep up with, and seem ridiculous. Changes in mid-season, and the consistantly inconsistent decission making.Add rising ticket prices to the mix, and I totally get why fans are leaving.There should be hope though.

'Cause if you strip away all that silly commercialism and the corporate side of it, NASCAR is an awesome sport. There's nothing more entertaining than close, hard short track racing!You're lost, but I know you're out there somewhere...


I agree with you one hundred percent . NASCAR killed stock car racing.And l am sad about it.

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