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The father builds the business passes it on to the son. The son maintains the business with no real change passes it on to the grandson. The grandson destroys the business then sells it. That is business and that is NASCAR. But here are my real complaints. NASCAR has been my sport of choice for 50 years this year, since I went to my first race.

1. NASCAR has turned into NASCE. (North American Stock Car Entertainment). They should do like the WWE and just go ahead and admit they manipulate the races. If there is some major event with a driver, that driver wins. All the cars are exactly the same, how do you know "so and so" is going to be great this week and not the other so and so and when he wins you have no doubt manipulated the race. All those yellow flags (Yellow flags for a piece of paper that is just blowing across the track? Not even stuck to a grill. Seriously?). And your grills arent even real. Who cares if a piece of paper is floating around. Just an excuse to wave a race manipulating flag.

2. Why even bother saying things in the booth like "There's Truex in the number 78 Toyota" or "There goes Keselowski to the front in that number 2 Ford". There is not a Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota or any other brand, make or model on the track. Not one part is a manufacturers part. NASCAR isnt fooling anybody so why bother? Just say "there goes the number 2 and number 78 identicar".

3. NASCAR thought they had another potential fan base and didn't. In the meantime trying to draw the nonexistent fan base they alienated their actual fan base. This is seen in the stands. I go to four of the big tracks every year and the decline is obvious. Like the $30 last minute last resort tickets to try to fill the stands. Three years ago was the first time at Talladegha where I could pretty much sit anywhere I wanted to sit. Three of us had an entire row all to ourselves. Right up front directly facing the pits. And people watching on TV think they see full stands. I took the track tour right after the new seats were put in. What did they say. The new seats were designed and colored so they would look like they were full when on camera even when they weren't. Don't be fooled, everyone coming from the track who says there were tons of empty seats are telling the truth, regardless of what you THINK you see on TV. Colored seats and camera angles don't mean full seats.

4. Restrictor plate racing with identical cars that bear no resemblance to actual cars and drivers who are nothing but window dressing make for the most boring racing in all of Motorsports....EVER.

5. Constant rule changes insure no one knows whats really going on, on the track, at all. How about when the new qualifying scam (I mean scheme) started and the cars just sat there and did nothing when the green flag was waived. As I recall everyone in the stands went from WTF? to NASCAR turning into a laughingstock. I know because everyone started laughing and going Holy sh__". Even the announcers didnt know what was going on at first. Dont remember seeing that on the megatron televisions, so can only guess everyone watching on TV didnt see it either. NASCAR is the laughingstock of motor racing. But it did not used to be that way.

6. NASCAR has become so much like WWE they actually brought in a heel. Maybe Patrick would not have wrecked so many other cars if the other drivers would have just called out "Kayfabe". Could have gone something like "Your about to lap Patrick for the 13th time KAYFABE KAYFABE KAYFABE". Roger that..Kayfabe.

7. Speaking of Patrick, how did you know a consistent 21st place driver (at best) was going to take the pole at Daytona when she was driving the EXACT SAME CAR as everyone else? Was that just some kind of miraculous prediction? And why spend FIVE FULL seasons saying things like "She could be the first to xxxxx" when Janet Guthrie has DONE IT ALL. Not only in NASCAR but in Indycar and Drag Racing. Patrick never won an actual race, including that Indycar farce of a demonstration that wasnt even a race. NASCAR jammed a third rate driver down the fans throats for five years going so far as to interview her more than they did the actual race winners. KAYFABE. And whining not winning. NASCAR thinks their fans are idiots. But that is OK, because they dont want them anyway.

8. Manipulating the races with all kinds of stupid new rules does not make it more exciting, it makes it more boring. There is very little passing anymore and the days of holding back to not wreck then bringing it on to race to the front are long over. Anyone not in the top 7 or 8, wherever they are at lap 50 will be in the same general position when the checkered flag is thrown, that is assuming someone doesnt wipe out half the field.

9. Daryl Waltrip said NASCAR is not about the cars, it is about the drivers, he left out it is not about racing. But considering it is not about the cars then it is obviously not about racing either. It is about personalities. No one gives two f___s about the drivers private lives. All I want to see is driving, racing which includes position changes and people who can actually drive. In the cars. Driving.

10. Richard Petty himself said NASCAR racing is boring. And he is right. Harvick on the other hand claims todays racing is more exciting and more competitive than it was in 1990. He has to say that, it is in their contracts. Why hold a panel discussion that includes people who have signed contracts that state they can say nothing negative about NASCAR unless they wanted to be fined and/or suspended? That is not truth. That is more marketing by NASCAR and France.

11. NASCAR does things and makes rule changes looking for excitement. There is none. If you are looking to build exceitement, then you obviously know your racing entertainment is screwed up. NASCAR used to be all kinds of excitement. Watching paint dry is more exciting than NASCAR follow the leader restrictor plate racing. And I dont need to go to the short tracks to find at least some kind of racing excitement. I have sic short tracks within an hours drive, some that run the Super Late Models, ARCA and Outlaw Sprints. And they cost 10 bucks.

12. Claiming the youth (Drivers) they are bringing in is changing the dynamics. If you are already racing in NASCARs two top tiers at 18 or 20 years old, you were developed and have not earned anything. You are not exciting. You went from driving go carts to driving bigger go carts. The only dynamic that has changed is you replaced a big go-cart driver with another go cart driver that may look good on camera, can speak into a microphone, change hats quickly and can talk like "Well were satisfied with our Gatorade, Sunoco, Coca Cola, Duralast, Mister Ice Cream, Tampex Tampon, Trojan lubed and ribbed condom number 32 Ford. We started out in 26th place and finished in 26th but at least we didnt wreck, thats what is all about right? If it werent for our Caterpillar, SLim Jim, Menards, Holiday Inn Express, Bass Pro Shops number 32 Ford being a great car we could not have stayed in the snake line all day without wrecking" while wearing four hats at the same time.

Humpy Wheeler said "The biggest thing we need right now is a dramatic new personality". Dramatic Personality. NASCAR has literally jumped the shark into WWE territory.

People like Earnhardt Sr, the Marlins, Richard Petty, the Bonnets, Daryl Waltrip and others like them were not exciting because of personality creating drama. They were exciting because you never knew what they were going to do on the track. But you knew they were going to try like *** to win, because they could. They were not all cookie cutter fabricated BS. If this boring BS we have today called NASCAR can only be saved by fabricated drama, personalities and 19 year old drivers who have no real world experience and were simply developed from go cart to bigger go cart, then they should flush the whole thing. Which they are about to do.

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Cars all are the same,Toyota shouldn't even be there...put dodge and buick back in there. ..dumass rule changes all the time...favoratism...same cars win..1 car had 7second lead on fifth place...........really.....u got cheaters.....Nascar sucks


Well said.

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