I don't watch, attend or purchase Nascar anymore because of a couple reasons. The racing has gotten so generic with all the teams being so equal mechanically and engineering wise so its become really boring. The pricing for merchandise, tickets for the races has become...
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I am and have been for many years a NASCAR fan. This year I have to turn off my sound when I watch a NASCAR race, I cannot stand to hear anymore of those Mickey Mouse North Carolina Hillbilly voices. Surely you can find someone with a pleasant listening voice to...
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Bob Mulvaney

This whole press of making a comment is much to complicated.

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Nascar - Why a cable TV or satilite tv only

I was a total Nascar fan. But now half the races are on expensive channels. I have a good dish package but will not upgrade again to watch races. Enjoy your dying sport not worth the extra money.
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I love NASCAR but I can only take the announcers with the North Carolina hillbilly accent for a very short time and I have to turn off the sound on my TV. They sound like their right out of a Walt Disney comic. This has caused me to go to any other sporting event that...
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Nascar - Engines @StewartHaas

Has anyone at Nascar inspected those Roush-Yates engines that StewartHaas uses???? I realize the cars go through inspection & we all know they've cheated. I just find it "VERY INTERESTING", that all their cars since the engine change are all always running in front!!!
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Jeff Burton’s voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. He also won’t shut up, he has to call every little move by every driver, sometimes you just like to watch without comment. Dale Jr. does just fine and the rest of the crew in the field do great. Just had to put...
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I didn't like
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Nascar - At talladega

Numbers are going down because this is not racing. Haas motor sports first stage I could’ve taken a nap. Boring! And the commentators are stretching to find something to discuss. Listen to your fans and he money will follow.
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This has become the worlds worse sport, its absolutely nothing like it was years ago you have a 7 time champion jimmy johnson who cant seem to qualify for nothing or race but i personally dont blame him i blame nascar theres been so many damn rules and package changes...
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The stage racing is a joke! So is the race for the chase. They talk about Jimmy Johnson being so great, I wonder how many X Jimmy Johnson was in the points lead going into the chase. I think that NASCAR made him the champion he is he did not earn it like many of the...
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Get back to NASCAR

I like that NASCAR is racing on road courses which is really what it should be since it's supposed to have been started from moonshining which it did but this new playoff *** has ruined NASCAR Switchback or just forget it all together
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