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Man I was just wondering if it was me or what but this new format its,just unbearable they totally changed the sport we all love new sponsor new rules new bs change things back to the old way leave it alone or we will all quit watching as I have i turn it over there every Sunday or Saturday night,and I'm like i hate this vs and turn it and then look to see who won the race and where junior finished so disappointing always love NASCAR now its like well what's on the tub on Sundays why did they try to fix something that was not broken at all get it right or loose your fans

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This stupid stage racing makes for boring race watching.. its like..

let's make it so they can drive around the track not having to worry about any strategy or having to worry about tires or fuel.. taken all excitement out of the race as far as I'm conerned


I for one like the new format. It's still bad enough that the elite teams pass everyone but the top 6 or 7 cars by race ends.

At least having the stages it allows teams to do some work on theirs cars to try and stop this. You say you want it to go back to the way it used to be? Then, NASCAR would have to take away all the safety features they've built into these new cars. The more safety they've put in them the more indestructible they've become.

Back in the "good ole days" when a car hit the wall they had to come to the pits for repairs. Today's car can hit the wall and actually drive better. The stages may not be a perfect solution but it's a heck of lot better than letting someone lead 98% of the laps and stink up the show.

In fact, I'd be in favor of having four stages instead of three. It would make things even more interesting.

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Why don't they just call it Nascars Merry go round ? It has turned into a political mess with FS1 ....These idiots get sponsors then go on a closed subscription network and expect viewers to pay them for Commercials? NO WAY !!!!Thats all the races are anymore ....endless dam commercials then for heavens sake they rail off on alternate subjects while negating the race .....I can't afford to whatch the PPV channels because of excessive taxes I have to pay to support Illegals that get all this .....FREE ....ON ME AND YOU !!!!!

to Anonymous #1393531

I have no clue what you are thinking when you say they'd have to take out safety features.. total ignorance to anything to do with what was said..

stage racing makes it so they don't have to race.. they just drive around till the stage end and go put new tires on and fill fuel and drive around more.. mixes nothing up in the pack.. if the leaders of the race only have to worry about avoiding making a right turn instead of left and not having to make GREEN flag pit sops they are almost garentee to win the race..

its stupid.. the stage racing doe not mix up the pack any whatsoever.. if the leader has to make a green flag stop instead of just driving it mixes up the entire pack the whole way through.. it takes away all compatition ..

and the bs toyota advantages because toyota is the major sponsor is bs as well.. wake up and realize it's nothing more than follow the toyota and gibbs racing anymore..

nothing more nothing less.. its boring as ***

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