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Why would anyone watch or go to a nascar race when they already know the results Nascar wanted toyota in so they gave them 15 more horsepower & the fans stayed home & will not go to any nascar race because nascar has them fixed including me My question is whatever happened to Bill France. why watch it on TV when you know it's follow the leader Now I turn my tv on anything but Nascar Including Indy Soccer Golf Rugby Baseball or Football No wonder Dale is Retiring Remember what Jimmy Spencer Said "even a monkey can drive todays Stock car Toyota Toyota Toyota Toyota If a driver wants to win drive a toyota

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Of course Toyota won the Nascar final race due to the 15 HP i wish Nascar gave Ford and Chevy the 15 extra HP or removed 15 HP from Toyota because its unfair to fans that Toyota can be faster then Ford or Chevy


The only surprise in the final 4 for championship is that they are not all toyotas.. hamlin screwed up and let a ford into the mix..

but of course you know it's gonna be truex or busch that wins anyways.. that's a given considering they are toyota's and the ones that have been cheating all year


The first potion of your title sums it up perfectly : "Why would anyone go to nascar?"


Agreed , completely disgusted by the obvious advantages that NASCAR has given to Gibbs & Furniture row!!

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